The improved Productivity and Ouput thru Workforce Reciprocity process.

What is iPOWR?

It is a practical process and business productivity improvement tool. It starts by addressing legal compliance – typically health and safety issues – and it involves employees in finding solutions to these problems.

Who is iPOWR for ?

iPOWR is relevant for any business that wants to expand and improve the skills, motivation and engagement of its workforce.

Our clients have a desire to be ‘best in sector’, may have identified an ongoing legal compliance problem that requires a sustainable solution, or have both a desire to be ‘the best’ and have a legal compliance problem.

The iPOWR process has the greatest impact on businesses who trust their employees to do their job to the best of their ability and see a key function of management being to help them do it even better.

Why does iPOWR work?

iPOWR builds employee engagement and motivation skills.  It is based on the premise that only a limited part of the employer employee relationship is based on financial reward. The desire of both employers and employees to be recognised, respected and valued by the other is too often underestimated.

Our process encourages employees to develop solutions to health and safety and other legal compliance issues relevant to them. As team members they consider problems from many perspectives. This gives them a stake in the solutions they have developed.

Subsequently we facilitate the use of these key skills to resolve problems in customer service, product quality and logistics or cost control issues.

Team and Group Working


Problem Solving


Communication and Project Management


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