Why Chris Stops founded iPOWR

He believes passionately that health and safety and legal compliance should be viewed as being part of a bigger picture, and a key component of employee welfare and corporate social responsibly. All too often it is only considered within the prism of legal compliance. This means ‘success’ is only ever measured negatively – by the number of accidents, incidents and legal prosecutions which do not occur.  His USP is to envisage health safety as an enabler and investment in employee skills, understanding and motivation – which have a measurable impact business performance.

Who are iPOWR’s clients?

Because we ask our clients the right questions, they provide themselves with the right answers. Our inquisitive and collaborative way of working allows us to assist most businesses – with between 100 and 200 employees – irrespective of their industry sector or geographical location.

Who we are

Chris Stops iPOWR

Chris Stops

Chris Stops has over 30 years’ combined experience as an OSHCR registered health and safety consultant and Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

He has assisted businesses across Europe, the Middle East and Asia in a variety of industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals, food, paper, steel mills, and coal and gold mines. He also has experience of working with not-for-profit organisations, construction companies, larger corporates and smaller businesses.

He holds a BA (politics and sociology), BEng (Mechanical), MSc (Safety Management) and spent 3 years on a part time basis as a PhD student investigating practical and theoretical links between health and safety performance and employee engagement.

E-mail: info@ipowr.co.uk
Phone: +44 775 437 1542
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Chris Stops Website: http://chrisstops.co.uk/

Eve Godoy iPOWR

Eve Godoy

In an HR career of over 25 years, Eve has worked as a senior consultant providing HR support at Board Level, as manager of a HR shared service team in the UK, and most recently within HR outsourcing, across a variety of industries. She is committed to supporting local businesses and helping them to develop and succeed.

She is co-director of QPlus HR, an HR Services company providing routine operational HR support, as well as one off projects, such as setting up a new business with self-sustaining HR functions and processes.

Eve is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Website: http://www.qplushr.co.uk/
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Guy James iPOWR

Guy James

Guy has been a Human Resources practitioner for over 20 years and has performed a variety of HR generalist, specialist, management and project roles His strength is in devising and improving people-related processes and he has experience of doing that in big companies which really makes a difference when he is helping small and medium sized clients. Processes that work for a thousand employees can work just as well for ten or a hundred.  The employee issues are the same; his job is to resolve those through effective processes, enabling Clients to focus on their core business.

Guy is an Associate Member of the CIPD and a Co-Director of QPlus HR

Website: http://www.qplushr.co.uk/
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Our Values

  1. Practicality – we are pragmatic and straightforward – we aim to simplify processes and reduce red tape.
  2. Continuous improvement – we maintain and improve our competencies by learning with and from our clients.
  3. Action – we make it easy for clients to take action and integrate legal compliance into their everyday ways of working.
  4. Listening – we always consider the views and opinions of our clients very carefully.
  5. Integrity – we are honest and truthful, we say what we mean and we are not afraid to give both good and bad news.

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