ISO 27500 The Human Centred Organisation: I am sure you know it well?

ISO 27500 is one of the more recent standards developed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) for implementation in the

The Living Wage: it’s a paradox

It is economically very rational for employees’ salaries to be fully funded by their employer, and not supplemented by the

Homebase Takeover – transformation or sell out? (by Eve Godoy)

Wesfarmers (one of Australia’s largest public companies and retailers) has pledged to invest £500M in transforming Homebase into the Bunnings

Is the sales pathway; know, like, trust applicable to employee management?

Virtually all professionals with a background in sales or marketing will be familiar with the know, like, trust, route to

Legal non-compliance: why should you care?

  The starting point for iPOWR is non-compliance – be it legal non-compliance or less overt forms of it. We


    As Chris said in his blog last week, iPOWR shows how the essence of the Psychological Contract can

The Psychological Contract of Employment

The Psychological Contract of Employment is a theory, model or construct which has reinvented itself over the years. Originally –

What has reciprocity got to do with business? By Hilda Stearn of Ministry for Growth

It is widely accepted that people are at the heart of business growth and success. Technology has, of course, a