Three assumptions underpin iPOWR:

  • An important, and often ignored, proportion of the employer employee relationship is not based on money.
  • A productive employer employee relationship is based on the respect and acknowledgement each group has for the others’, goals, aims and ambitions.
  • The foundation of work place interaction is reciprocity: we (as an individual or a group) treat others as they treat us and visa versa.

However this does not mean work relationships will or should always be harmonious, or not involve conflict and disagreement.


These assumptions are a practical application and extension of the ideas of:

  • Maslow: (Hierarchy of Needs)
  • Herzberg (Two Factor Hygiene Theory)
  • Goulding (Norm of Reciprocity)


Latterly they have been reworked and expanded into:

  • The Psychological Contract of Employment
  • Employee Engagement models


The links below give further information about these theorists and psychological models. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss them further.

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